The HCG Diet: Injections or Drops?

One of the newest, effective and safe weight loss programs is the HCG diet. This requires dieters to eat on a 500-calorie diet each day and taking HCG, either as injections, drops or pills.

Comparison of HCG forms

The easiest, most convenient and highly effective way to take HCG is through the HCG diet drops. This is a painless alternative to taking HCG for weight loss. It is also often much cheaper than injections. Most people are turned off with the HCG diet plan because of the chg. injections. Now comes HCG drops, which removes a huge obstacle to getting that desirable weight loss.

hcgBoth injections and drops produce the same results. Both forms of administration help dieters to lose about a pound or more a day. Injections were part of the original HCG diet proposed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons about 50 years ago. It was the most convenient and most stable way of administering HCG back then. It has also become the standard in HCG administration, mainly because it was the one originally recommended by the creator of the diet. But through the years, improvements have been made as technologies became more advanced. Today, the same HCG benefits can be obtained without the pain.

Despite the same benefits, dosages vary between the injected form of HCG and HCG diet drops. Injections are administered into the muscles once a day. The shots are usually administered into the abdominal muscles, upper arms, or into thigh muscles. Other possible injection sites include the buttocks and back, which would require a helper. This does not produce much pain as time goes by. However, this may require a few skills in preparing the dosages and in administering it. There is also the risk of bruising (although temporary) and a few other concerns if injections are administered too often into the same site (e.g., scar formation, hardening of muscle, swelling, muscle cramps, itching, possible infection, etc). Also, this HCG form requires a prescription before purchasing one. This would mean finding a good doctor that knows enough about HCG diet. Aside from buying with a prescription, users of injectables forms would have to buy several other supplies as well. There are syringes and needles, mixing syringes, bacteriottic water (for mixing), storage bottles and sterile pads. Mixing is another thing that HCG injection users must deal with. Strictly follow mixing guidelines to achieve the optimum concentration. The mixed solutions must be properly refrigerated in order to keep its potency at optimum levels. Failing in any of these processes will weaken or ruin the supply. All these are to assure a safe and sterile administration to reduce infections and potential trouble.

In taking HCG diet drops, the liquid HCG is placed under the tongue with the use of a dropper (which comes with the HCG drops bottle). No pain, no pricking, no bruising. This would require frequent administration throughout the day because absorption is not as efficient as in injections. The drops may have to be taken anywhere from 3 to 6 times in order to provide the dosage needed for weight loss. Some complain this may be a hassle. But the question is: Is stabbing your thigh once a day better than taking a few drops 6 times each day?

Pharmaceutical vs. Homeopathic HCG diet drops

There are 2 available types of HCG drops, namely the pharmaceutical and the homeopathic type. Both are applied under the tongue, where the blood vessels within the mucus membranes absorb them.

Pharmaceutical HCG drops require a prescription before it can be purchased. They are also more expensive than the other HCG drops type. These also need additional supplies such as mixing syringes and storage bottles, bacteriostatic water and pads. Mixing and storage processes with the injectables form also apply with this type.

Homeopathic HCG diet drops are already pre-mixed and placed in amber-colored bottles to protect the contents from the damaging effects of light. This form does not require any additional mixing or storage guidelines. The bottle is already enough to protect the potency of HCG it contains. It does not even have to be refrigerated. Just place it anywhere, as long as it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. There is no need to storage bottles and mixing syringes, and others.

These are cheaper compared to pharmaceutical drops and injections. Prescriptions and doctor’s appointments are not necessary when using homeopathic HCG drops. It can be bought in a lot of stores, too, and not just in pharmacies.

The thing with homeopathic HCG diet drops, though, is it takes a longer administration time compared to the other type and to injections. Before taking it, do not eat or drink anything, for about 15 minutes. After administration, do not also eat or drink anything for 15 minutes. Upon administration underneath the tongue, hold the liquid for about a minute or two. This allows more of HCG to penetrate the mucus membranes and be absorbed by the blood vessels. The taste isn’t very appealing, which may make it a bit more difficult to hold the liquid. However, it’s still painless and very convenient compared to the other HCG forms.

Callaway Golf’s Big Bertha Alpha: Technology in a Club

For years, the Callaway Golf Company has been manufacturing high quality golf related products. The once golf club only manufacturer has now become a multi-million dollar producer of golf related sporting goods. Amidst its popularity, the company is still widely famous for their high performance golf clubs.


One of their products, the Big Bertha Alpha is one of the high quality golf clubs owned by many professional golfers in the world. This particular golf club is currently the lowest spinning driver in the company’s catalog of products. The Big Bertha Alpha is composed of eight different materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, tungsten, aluminum and steel. The other materials are considered trade secrets. The company’s engineers were able to successfully combine such complex materials in such a way, that the energy of the swing was efficiently distributed to where it is needed the most.

Golf gripsIt features 4 adjustability features such as perimeter weights, loft, lie and gravity features which allows for precise performance optimization. Callaway Golf also equipped the Big Bertha Alpha with the Gravity Core. This is a movable weight system that conveniently enables adjustment of the vertical center of gravity. Both ends of the core have a tungsten weight. One end weighs 12 grams while the other only 1.5 grams.

The Big Bertha Alpha is also equipped with the Advanced Outfit hostel technology. This enables players to adjust the lie and loft of the golf club according to their swing preference. The Big Bertha Alpha golf club has 4 removable perimeter weights; they weigh 7, 5, 3 and 1 gram respectively, and can also help a golfer optimize the conditions of his hits. The 7 and 1 gram weights are pre-installed. The Big Bertha Alpha can be adjusted to fit multiple configurations giving golfers, professionals and amateurs alike, a wide variety of optimization options.


The Big Bertha Alpha driver’s Gravity Core system enables golfers the capacity to adjust the vertical center of gravity and modify spin regardless of the angle of launch. It is also equipped with other systems that enable users to synch it with any type of swing regardless of skill.


The Big Bertha Alpha is more pricy compared to the Callaway Golf Company’s latest golf clubs, the X2 Hot drivers. A number of golfers might not have the resources to afford this particular golf club.


The Big Bertha Alpha has a small footprint and conventional shape which majority of golfers find attractive. The appearance of the club gives its users confidence in their golf skills. The Gravity Core system gives this particular golf club a high tech and futuristic appearance. The crown of this golf club has a smooth and ergonomic look. The face of the Big Bertha Alpha driver has a somewhat robust feel particularly at impact and offers great responses on mishits. This particular driver also gives off a loud and solid sound during impact with the ball. It has great maneuverability and high flexibility thanks to its lightweight but durable composition.

Nonetheless, many golfers find the golf club a little too lightweight for their tastes stating that they cannot get a feel of the club or the ball for that matters. Many also stated that they felt as if the club was going to break upon impact. Some golfers found it difficult to adjust the driver according to their personal specification. The price was definitely an issue for some stating that they can get greater distance and less spin with the Callaway Golf Company’s Hot X2 driver, which was significantly cheaper than the Big Bertha Alpha. However, majority of users stated that these issues were more or less resolved as they grew accustomed to the club.

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Different Types of Logo Lanyards

logolanyardsThere are a lot of types of logo lanyards now sold online or in office supplies stores. These items bear the seal of companies and are usually worn by their employees. There are two kinds of lanyards namely: the slim neck lanyard and the thick neck lanyards.

Slim-neck Lanyard – These lanyards are used to carry ID straps, pens and small lightweight objects.

Thick-neck Lanyard – Thick strapped lanyards are often printed with the company name or logo along its straps. They can also carry multiple clips for attachment of various valuables.

There are many types of lanyards that are made with different materials. The ones listed below are the common types of lanyard frequently supplied by lanyard manufacturers: woven, polyester, nylon, dyed, oval, latex and tubular. Now let us differentiate these materials from each other.

Woven Lanyard – This type of lanyard does not use printing machines. Each design is carefully thread-woven or embroidered into the polyester material, which makes it look creative and stylish. Woven lanyards are good logo lanyards. You can weave it with images, texts, and logos exactly as you want the design.

Also, these types of lanyards are soft to touch. They are also washable if you happen to stain them with coffee or juice. Woven lanyards are available in a range of sizes. You can buy woven lanyards in widths of 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″, the length of lanyards is always fixed at 36”.

Polyester – Images are well printed in polyester lanyards. Printing area is small in these kinds of lanyard so most manufacturers use the sublimation method to make the most of the space. Polyester lanyards use high-quality polyester for an affordable price range. Polyester made lanyards are great choices because the fabric itself is comfortable to the user. They can be ordered in different width and sizes.

Imprinted Nylon – This type of lanyard is glossy and has prints that are more visible. It is also the most durable of all the logo lanyards since it imprints design using silkscreen. Designs stand out well using nylon lanyards. Sharp objects will not easily cut or break them. They can also last for years, provided you take good care of them. Furthermore, nylon lanyards work best when you need to imprint intricate logos and designs in them.

Dyed Lanyards – This type of lanyard is often multi-colored on either side. Imprinting designs and logos requires the use of heat and pressure. Dyed logo lanyards prints designs not just on the surface of the lanyard which makes it more durable and less likely to be erased, damaged or scraped.

Imprinted Tubular – This type of lanyard is made of tube stitched polyester. It looks and feels similar to a shoelace, that’s why it’s soft and comfortable to the skin. It is also a good choice if you are seeking cheap lanyards. Imprinted tubular lanyards make any logo look professional land clear for half the price of other lanyards.

Oval or Cord Lanyards – The oval lanyard is the newest design in the lanyard industry. These oval shaped lanyards don’t have hard edges unlike the ordinary lanyards, which makes them more comfortable to wear. Texts are usually embroidered around the small area of the lanyard. Oval lanyards look stylish and modern compared to other lanyards. Cord lanyards are available in a standard size of ¼” width and 36”length.

Latex Lanyards – Latex lanyards are special kinds of logo lanyards that doesn’t get wet and cut easily. Logos are usually pad printed in latex lanyards. The designs are clear and colors are striking when you use latex lanyards. This makes it easy to spot a person even if he is a bit far.

Tips to Become One of the Best Motivational Speakers in Career Planning

Most motivational speakers on career planning went through all kinds of challenges, and have achieved all sorts of successes as well. If you are aspiring to become one of the best motivational speakers on career planning, start making a foundation in your current job by following the tips below.


Keynote SpeakerMake your career a calling.You are dragging yourself away from the things you really want to do if you treat your career as something you merely need to survive. See your career as your calling and reporting to work and finishing the tasks required from you won’t seem so hard. Be in control of your life by viewing your work positively. Lifelong satisfaction is often achieved by those who view their careers a calling.


Revitalize or start your employer search by making a list of ten companies that you admire and have been dreaming to work for.


Research on your preferred firm by looking at their products and services.You should familiarize yourself with their history and milestones. Also, check your network if someone is connected with the company, or read the latest news so that you are well prepared for any informal interview or interaction with your dream employer.


Check the career section on your target employer’s website.Search for opportunities that will match your profile and apply for them.


Identify the skills you need to possess in order to get in the company you want. It’d also be advantageous to think of ways to increase your market value.


Be sure to show yourself in the office.You need to make your presence known if most of the time your work requires you to do presentations outside the office and you are allowed to work from home. There is a great possibility that you can be easily let go or not considered for promotions if you do not start making this a habit.


Document your recent accomplishments.Update your online resume account, as well as your private resume. Indicate details on performance reviews, exams passed, licenses received, and awards garnered. Do not forget to put in important dates and venues of trainings or seminars you have attended. Doing so will prevent you from missing important accomplishments and happenings in your career life.


Do networking today.There is a perfect timing for everything. Mingle with other attendees in an event. Be on the lookout for people who might be willing to help you out in reaching your business goals. Always look for excellent financial partners, sources of inspiration, reliable colleagues, and potential clients.


Go to a public library.Check the newest editions of reading materials such as books or magazines related to your industry or job. Ask your boss, colleagues, mentor, friends, and customers for suggestions if you do not know where to start looking. Take down notes for valuable insights and concepts.


Watch videos from the internet regarding the field you are into.This is one of the best ways to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in your field. Improving your craft is an essential tool in developing yourself. Do not allow yourself to stop learning new things, especially those related to your job.

Always remember that the best motivational speakers were not born great. They have learned to develop themselves, making the most of their experiences in all aspects of their lives. Well, if you choose to follow the tips you’ve read here, you’ll grow personally and professionally. So, it’d be very likely that you’ll later on become one of the best motivational speakers in career planning.

Living Right in Nassau County

property searchNassau County in Long Island is one of the best places to live in the State of New York. It makes you feel like you are getting the best of both worlds, because Nassau County is close to the bustling New York City while also straddling the suburban environment of Long Island.

Before looking for Nassau County real estate, it is best that you know all about the county and what it takes to live there in the long term. While living in Nassau County is not always affordable, the experience of living in one of the state’s best places compensates for the relatively high real estate prices.

The Beauty of Nassau

Nassau County used to be a part of Queens County, but the former separated from the latter during 1899. While it may still be in close proximity to New York City’s outer boroughs, the county’s three towns (Oyster Bay, North Hempstead, and Hempstead) have almost 12 dozen picturesque hamlets and villages.

Nassau County is also known for its rich architectural heritage with over 100 county landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These sites include post offices, gardens, light houses, and grand estates. Natural beauty is also one of this county’s best points. The north shore has bluffs that allow residents and visitors to enjoy activities during the summer months. The south shore boasts of white sandy beaches.

Life in Nassau County

Residents in the county enjoy a mix of suburban life and the cosmopolitan lifestyle, especially with its proximity to Manhattan. On the suburban side, the area boasts of picturesque hamlets and villages, spacious parks, and other areas that appeal to people who want to enjoy wide open spaces. Moreover, neighboring Suffolk County’s vineyards and beaches are also a short distance away by car.

As the county is also home to a number of universities and colleges, it is no wonder that there is also a huge number of Nassau county real estate properties for people wanting to study there. New York Institute of Technology, Briarcliff, Hofstra, and Adelphi attract many students to the area annually and give residents the opportunity to participate in and enjoy theater performances, top-notch music, and intercollegiate sports.

Dining and the Arts

Hundreds of restaurants dot Nassau County, from casual dining cafes to expensive and upscale restaurants. A lot of these restaurants take advantage of the island’s bounty, getting vegetables from the neighboring farms, sumptuous seafood from the seas that surround the island, and wines from nearby Suffolk County. The local ingredients have helped place various Nassau County restaurants on the list of the state’s best restaurants.

If you are an art advocate and would want to settle in Nassau County, there is an Arts Council that helps preserve and cultivate the county’s culture. The county boasts of a number of museums like the Long Island Children’s Museum, Nassau County Firefighters Museum, African-American Museum of Nassau County, and The Cradle of Aviation Museum.

Real Estate

There are a lot of Nassau County real estate properties that cater to all types of people. If you are new to town and want to get a feel of the place before eventually buying a house and settling in the county permanently, there are many rental properties that are affordable yet stylish. If you are settling in Mineola, there is a quaint listing for $1,300 a month. This property is a spacious one-bedroom affair with a living/dining area and an updated kitchen. This property is also close to the town center.

Another rental listing is in an apartment complex and also costs $1,300 a month. Located in Freeport, this listing has been converted to a one-bedroom apartment. You can also enjoy the apartment complex’s amenities, like a swimming pool. This apartment is close to the Long Island Rail Road, restaurants, shops, and the Nautical Mile.

If you want to live in the county, there are Nassau County real estate properties that are as affordable as $100,000 or as expensive as more than $2 million. An affordable Oyster Bay apartment lists for $215,000. This one-bedroom apartment offers snow removal, landscaping, hot water, heat, and gas.

There is also another listing in Long Beach. This affordable $115,000 studio apartment tile floors and a kitchen with granite countertops. The apartment complex itself offers beach chair storage, a gym, and a shared patio, among other amenities.

A family would do better in a single detached house instead of an apartment complex. For families who can afford this property in Old Westbury, the $8,990,000 should not be a problem. This house is perfect for a large family as the place boasts of six bedroom, six baths, and a half bath. Located on the island’s Gold Coast, the property boasts of sweeping views and is only 20 miles away from Manhattan.

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