Sell Your Jewelry at For Emergency Funds

There will be a time when you will need extra money. Whether it is for an emergency or for additional money for a purchase, it is comforting to know that there is a place that can grant you an immediate answer for your financial problems. If you have some pieces of jewelry lying around and you need extra money then is the place for you. is a pawnshop that has been providing their clients with immediate answers for their financial dilemmas. We have been accepting gold, silver, jewelries and other valuable objects from people in exchange of cash since 1989. We know that sometimes an emergency may come up and you may need money immediately. That is why we do business as quickly and as simple as possible.

Unlike a lot of other pawnshops, accepts items in any condition. New, used, or even broken items can be assessed and sold in our shop.  We know how much value you give to your items and we will value them accordingly.  We give each customer a fair chance for a loan or a sale with quick approval process to boot.

We offer different options for different cash flow issues

You can either sell your item or ask for a pawn or loan offer.   Loan and pawn offers are options for those who want to get their items back. You will get your items assessed and we will give you a loan amount. We offer loans with no strings attached meaning you have no obligation to pay it back. However, if you fail to pay your loan back on your due date then we have the right to sell your item. To avoid this, you can pay the finance charges to extend your loan for up to 4 months maximum.

Our process is very simple too

At, you don’t need fill up an application for a loan. You can just simply walk in, have your items assessed, and get your money immediately. You don’t have to worry about security vulnerability because we don’t require you to provide us with any credit card details. All transactions are done with cash. We can assure you that any information about you and your item will be treated with confidentiality.

We accept a wide variety of items too

To give you an idea, here are some of the items that we accept:
• Jewelry – Gold, Silver and Platinum (Any Condition)
• Diamonds of all shapes and sizes
• Collectibles
• Estates
• Watches
• Sterling Silverware

These items are treated with equal respect. We do not turn away items just because of their condition. We have included a more detailed list in if you feel the need to check it yourself.

Some pawnshops take advantage of their customers’ situation so that they can trick them. Most of the time, they offer prices that are way below the item’s value just to make a bigger come up. We do not low blow our customers with unfair offers. We give them what we deem is fair and provide them with the amount in case. This process keeps the transaction simpler by eliminating unnecessary steps.

pawn shopWe are an experienced and reliable pawnshop. More than 20 years of experience has taught us the ins and outs of the business. You will be safe in our hands. We are licensed and recognized by the state. We are also insured and bonded so your item’s safety is never an issue.  While we are waiting for you to pay off your loan to retrieve your merchandise, your item is going to be locked in our safety deposit box. The only times that it will come out of the safe is when you come to pick it up or when it is going to be put up for sale.

You can never go wrong with We see value in items that our customers bring in our shop. No matter what condition it is in we are still going to entertain your request. We also keep our payment options as flexible as possible to accommodate you as much as we can. We don’t hold you obligated to pay your loans too because we know that when you brought your items in you know what you are in for.


If you need cash on the spot or a loan for your items, we can provide you with the honest and reliable pawn broker services you need. You have some pieces of jewelry lying around and you need extra money then Majorpawn is the place for you

Exploring Pawn Shop Options For When You Need Money Fast

Millions of people today do not have good credit. That means that they cannot get a loan. Do you have great credit? Chances are you’re one of the millions that doesn’t. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s something that can cause a lot of chaos when something goes wrong. If you ever get into an accident, or you’re dealing with a medical emergency, what will you do? Chances are you won’t have money to cover it. That’s where credit can come into play, however, if you don’t have good credit, what do you do? Well, that’s something that many people use pawn shop options for.

Pawn Shops Help Fast

pawnThe biggest thing that you should know about your average pawn shop is that they pay out fast. You can enter one in the morning and before afternoon comes through, you could have money in your hands. The goal of a pawn shop is not just to buy and sell goods, it’s to help the local community with quick loans that you will not get anywhere else.

The average loan option that you’ll find in banks today, will not be easy to get. If you are not a member of a bank or you don’t have good overall credit, they will not even think twice about giving you a loan. They will simply say “no”. They are not going to give you any sort of opportunity to get a shot at getting money, credit, an in some instances not even a checking account. This is a frustrating truth that many people are dealing with right now. If you don’t have good credit, you can forget getting any sort of cash. It’s just not something that is easy to move forward with, unless you visit a pawn shop.

How Fast Do Pawn Shops Pay?

Let’s say that you enter a pawn shop today, and you have the need for a short-term loan. You’ll need to put something up for collateral, and then you can discuss the terms. For instance, you could come in with a wedding ring. The wedding ring that you have may garner you $500 to $1,000 depending on several factors. The pawn broker will assess the value, and then they will give you an amount. If you agree, you’ll get cash.

However, you’ll need to give the broker your ring. They will keep the ring as long as you’re paying back the loan. However, failure to pay the loan will mean that you will lose your ring and the company will sell it and make a profit on it. Now, if you pay back the loan in an appropriate amount of time, you will end up moving forward with a simple transaction. You’ll get money, then you’ll get your ring back when you pay back the pawn shop. It’s that simple. They can give you money fast, especially if you visit in person and your items are assessed. Some can even give you cash, money orders, or even wire transfers depending on what your overall needs may be.

Credit Not Needed

Pawn shopThe glory of your average pawn shop is that they do not check credit. They don’t care about your credit history. You can establish a new lease on life if you just visit a pawn shop and you use their system wisely. As long as you pay back your lending options on time, you’ll end up with a positive push forward. You’ll be able to garner a loan, pay it back, and not have to worry about the bigger issue associated with credit, because pawn shops aren’t in the business of lending in the same way that banks are, there’s a bit easier terms to follow here.

Moving Made Easy With A Portable Storage Container

It would appear that relocating to a new place happens to a person once in a lifetime. For those engaged in business, relocating may happen more than once, especially when a business expands to other locations.


Or, relocating comes simply as a desire for a better home, for family reasons like getting married and starting a new household, and getting a better job offer in another location. Whatever the reason, your stuff moves with you. But, just the thought of moving all of your stuff from the smallest item to the biggest furniture is a tall order.

Moving need not be an ordeal for you. The people behind the understand your concern when relocating to a new place. These concerns are real; we take these into serious considerations in providing a portable storage container that fit your needs and specifications, including other services related to storage containers. All you have to do is pack all of your stuff in a portable storage container and move on to your next home.

The advantages of using a portable storage container

Packing and moving nowadays is a lot easier and faster than it was in the traditional way of relocating. The current portable storage container has added features which make its use attractive for one who is moving.

Accessible and convenient

If you are not in a hurry to move and prefer to move at your pace, this container is for you. You can make an inventory of your stuff, plan on how to organize and position your stuff in the container, and take your time packing your things.


When you are through packing, you can call the moving company to take the container where you want it located. Or, if you are through with packing and loading your stuff before the actual date of relocation, you can store the container at the moving company’s establishment and move it to your location when needed.

stotage container

Cost effective

The use of this container saves you cost compared to other storage options. Another way to save on cost is to schedule your relocation during the fall and winter seasons.

Customer specification

Containers are customized according to customer’s needs and specifications. The storage container is designed for space optimization that gives you maximum storage space.

Weather proof and secure

Most storage containers are of the high-quality steel built to address any weather-related issues. In addition to being weather resistant, storage containers come equipped with a lock to protect your stuff.

Considerations in choosing a storage container In relocating, you would want your things to be safe and secure when stored and in transit. As such, you need to consider several factors in choosing a storage unit.

Know the cost, size, and duration of storage container use

These three factors are a good place to start in selecting a storage container. The cost of the storage container varies according to its size and the time you need to store your stuff. It is to your benefit to take an early inventory of your items; making an inventory will also give you an estimate of the container size you need. Using a storage container at a short term cost less and you can get great deals that are convenient and within your budget. If the use is for a longer period, arrange for a monthly rate that is good and affordable.

Check the location of the moving company

It is important to know the location in choosing a storage container to determine the distance you need to travel to the facility. The proximity of the location is important, particularly when you decide to store the unit at the moving company’s establishment.

storage container

Moving to a new place may happen only once in your lifetime, but presents moving-related issues that are tough. If you plan your relocation ahead of time and choose the right moving company to assist and facilitate the relocation, you can reduce the stress associated with moving.  Moveablecontainer you can choose the better option here. The  commits to address your concerns and provide storage solutions for you.’s Introduction to Challenge Coins

Throughout a person’s journey in the military, there will be awards and keepsakes given to them to remind them that they served the country and made it a better place to live in. One of the most important tokens of recognition given to them is the challenge coin.

Challenge coins are used to award men and women for their valorous services and achievements. These are also used to distinguish a squadron from another squadron, and represent the unity that the members have. The coins are used as symbols of pride, evidences for bragging rights, and forms of identification for anyone who has served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. Each coin has a different value since it is given on a specific occasion. You may check out some of our examples at

Challenge CoinsDuring the Roman Empire, coins were awarded to soldiers with achievements. However, these small tokens only became popular during the World War I when an American pilot was spared from execution by proving that he was not a spy. The accused pilot showed to the French a bronze medallion with his flying squadron’s emblem. Instead of killing him, the French gifted him with a bottle of wine.

Nowadays, challenge coins don’t just serve as forms of identification for men and women in service. Stories say these also bring them together in the form of a fun “game”. They always carry their coins with them in case of a “coin check” – anyone who forgets to bring his will pay for all the drinks. Even if civilians know about these, there are still secrets inside the armed forces that we may not know about as they may have their own other uses for the coins.

Beyond the military, police and fire departments, civic organizations and even businesses across the States are getting themselves these coins too. American presidents starting with Bill Clinton had their own coins too, even the Secret Service agents, White House Staff and presidential valets. In, we have a wide variety of designs to use as reference in making your own.

Challenge coins are displayed as collection in homes using coin boxes, glass domes, shadow boxes, racks and other creative ways. These are sometimes given to close family members or friends as gifts. Numismatics collect these kind of coins as well. Each coin has a story and a sentimental value behind, so these should be taken care of well.

This precious piece of metal typically measures 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter and 1/10 inches in thickness. It can come in different shapes, including diamonds, squares and the like. The materials used in making them are pewter, copper or nickel, and it can be plated in any finish. A simple coin includes just the motto and the insignia, but you can choose to add enamel highlights, multi-dimensional designs and more to them.

If you’re planning to have your own coin, we, at, have the best designs and deals for you. We offer free design and are always willing to make it into any shape that you want. It can be just a round design or an eagle shape. You may select from a variety of gold, silver, brass, copper and metal finishes as well as the cut edges to add elegance and appeal. We have plenty of design options including engraved texts, 3D designs, offset prints and translucent enamels.

Our company will take care of the packaging. We have PVC pouches, velvet bags, capsules and more. We can also turn them into bottle openers and key chains.

If our output is not the coin that you had in mind, we are more than willing to accept revisions for free. Your custom order will be carefully crafted and sent right away for your satisfaction.

We respond quickly and will give you a quote within a day after your inquiry. values your time. We strive to provide the best customer service always. makes top quality coins that your unit or colleagues will proudly carry anytime and anywhere.

How To Clean A Taylormade Golf Club

Taylormade golf clubs are known for their high quality and performance. Grabbing your own set of these clubs entails the need to spend time to properly maintain them. Don’t worry because cleaning them does not require special expertise. You only need to gather some materials and invest some of your time.

You can try many ways of cleaning your Taylormade golf clubs. You may opt to buy a golf club cleaning kit from a golf pro shop. But if you prefer not to spend extra money, then you can use household items. You will need a small bucket, an old toothbrush or any brush with soft bristles, towel or any piece of cloth, and dish washing soap. The bucket is optional since you can wash the clubs in your bathroom or sink.

Here is a step-by-step guide in cleaning your Taylormade golf club:

1. Make suds in the bucket.

Put your bucket in your sink. Pour a generous amount of the dish washing soap, and get enough water from the faucet. The water should not be too hot or too cold. If the water is too hot, the ferrule on your club will surely get loose. Do not pour too much water since you only need to soak the club head.

2. Submerge the golf clubs in the bucket.

Golf ClubsDo this part outside your house so that you can freely move. If you’re living in an apartment, then do this part in the bathroom. Place the bucket in a stable position, and then put the club heads in the bucket with suds. Make sure that the ferrules are not submerged in water. Leave the clubs for a few minutes. Soaking them will let the dirt along the grooves become less stiff. The suds will also help you reduce the oiliness of the club head. Other golf course chemicals and debris will also be removed. Usually, only the wedges and irons are cleaned this way since putters and drivers mostly do not accumulate dirt.

3. Brush the dirt off the grooves.

After soaking the Taylormade golf clubs for a few minutes, take one club at a time, and scrub them using the old brush you have at home. The most important part is to remove all dirt, sand and debris that are stuck in the grooves. If these are not removed, the club face will easily wear out. In addition, scrub the sole and back of the club head, where dirt and grass may accumulate. If the dirt has not been removed, and it becomes stiff over time, you may soak it longer and use a brush with stiff bristles. Do not use a brush with wire bristles because it may scratch the exterior of the club.

4. Rinse the submerged part of the golf clubs.

You may use your garden hose or faucet to rinse off the suds on the clubs. After rinsing off the suds, check the clubs for remaining dirt and debris. In doing this, be careful so that the shaft remains dry.

5. Towel dry the golf clubs.

GolfFirst, towel-dry the club head. To make sure that the whole club is dry, towel-dry the shaft and the handle as well. Before putting the golf club in your bag, make sure it is completely dry.

6. Clean the woods and hybrids separately.

Permission woods are never soaked with water and suds. You can just quickly submerge metal woods and hybrids in the bucket and remove them immediately. You may also opt to rub them with a wet cloth. The next step is to towel-dry. If necessary, you can use a soft brush to remove dirt from the grooves of the woods and hybrids.

Top Qualities of the Best Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers have the power to influence people to change for the better. They have the power to transform other people to become the better version of themselves. But, not all motivational speakers are the same. There are a few qualities that set the excellent speakers apart from the mediocre ones.

1.    Confidence

If you want to become a great motivational speaker, you need to be confident. Great speakers and motivators are confident. They believe in themselves and in their abilities. They own the stage they stand on and they speak with conviction. They have a good posture that conveys confidence and competence. They are also gracious and they are not afraid to look silly in front of others. They are bold and confident enough to face a huge audience.

2.    Eloquence

Great speakers are eloquent. They are able to convey their message and ideas in a way that most people understand. They use powerful language to connect with others and appeal to people’s emotions. They know what to say and when to say it.

3.    Empathy

Amazing motivators are empathetic. They can connect with their audience and easily identify with their feelings at the moment. They take time to get know their audience and they really listen. They understand themselves and they also seek to understand others. They are also able to place themselves into other people’s shoes.

4.    Passion

If you want to be a successful motivational speaker, you have to be passionate about what you do. You have to be genuinely passionate about helping other people. It is true that motivational speaking is a job but more than being a career, it is a calling. It is a mission. So, if you want to be a successful inspirational speaker, you have to be committed to changing other people’s lives. They pursue excellence and they take pride in their

5.    Integrity and Credibility

In order to have a successful career in motivational speaking, you must have strong conviction and you have to be credible. Eloquence and confidence are not enough. You have to walk the talk and practice what you preach. If you want to speak about work ethics in a corporate town hall event, you must also build a good professional reputation.

Motivational Speaker

Successful inspirational keynote speakers are people of strong conviction and integrity. They only teach ethical ways to achieve certain goals. They have sound moral character and they always do what they think is right. They are honest and trustworthy.

They are also diligent and persevering. They respect other people regardless of status, ethnicity, and level of education. They are also brave and they have strong self-control. They are not afraid to say no to something that is not congruent to what they believe in.

6.    Succinctness

Successful inspirational and motivational speakers are straight to the point. They do not mince words and they deliver their message clearly.

7.    Sense of Humour

A great motivational speaker has the ability to bring fun to the event. They are witty and they can make people laugh. If your dream is to become a successful motivational speaker, you must develop a strong sense of humour. You must be able to laugh at yourself, too.

8.    Fearless

You have to be willing to go out of your comfort zone in order to effectively convey your message. You must be fearless. Do not be afraid to introduce new ideas. You are there to inspire and not to simply please your audience.

9.    Optimism

Motivational speakers encourage people to stay positive even when they are faced with challenges and difficult situations. So, if you want to become a successful motivational speaker, should learn to be optimistic. You must have a positive mindset and you must believe that good things can happen in the face of adversity.

10.    Authenticity

If you want to inspire and motivate others, you have to be yourself. You must be willing to be vulnerable in front of many people. You have to be authentic. You must share a part of you to your adoring audience.

If you want to be a successful inspirational speaker, you must be sincere and credible. You must also be passionate about helping people and making their lives better. You need to be attentive and you should have a positive attitude.

PCB Fabrication – The Basics

PCBA printed circuit board is a mechanical support which connects different electronic components through the use of conductive pads, tracks and other elements engraved from copper sheets which were laminated on a substrate that’s non-conductive. PCBs are often categorized according to layer quantity. Multi-layer PCBs permit larger component density. Advanced printed circuit boards could include parts such as resistors, capacitors or active mechanisms inserted in the substrate. Moreover, the conductors on each of the layers are attached with vias which are plated-through holes.

PCB fabrication processes differ on each of the layer classifications. Each layer also has specifications for its circuits.

For single layer:

1. The maximum size of its circuit should be 8” x 8”

2. Minimum line width of 6 mils

3. 0.5 inch connector spacing

4. Minimum line gap is 6 mils

5. The text on each layer should have a minimum height of 80 mils and a track width of 8 mils

6. Gerber RS – 274X, precision 7. The origin must be located at the lowest left corner of the draft

8. A 200 x 200 x 20 mils cutting marks

Single layers which contain vias are also the same as single layer. However, there is a difference between the riveted vias and the plated vias. The specifications for each are as follows.

Riveted vias:

1. Riveted vias should only be used when the circuit contains less than 15 holes

2. A diameter size of 31 mils for each hole

3. 60 mils diameter pad

4. The center of the pad must be uncovered

Plated vias:

1. Plated vias should only be used when the hole size is critical or the holes on

2. The circuits are of large quantity

3. The maximum circuit size is 6” x 6”

4. The laser cutting area is only limited to 3.75 x 3.75

5. A minimum aspect ratio of 2:1

6. A .dfx file for holes with a precision of 2.4

7. The layout file is already filled with holes

8. Three alignment holes of 66/120 mils dia with donuts outside of the draft

9. A clearance of 10 mils

10. The center of the pad is covered

For multiple layer:

1. A 3D drawing is needed to represent the whole circuit

2. Plated hole is possible and an inner connection could also be possible

3. If connection between two substrates is needed, a plated via is required

4. The maximum size is 2” x 5”

5. A text must be printed on each layer

6. Gerber file scale 1 required on each layer

7. The first substrate must be positioned on the bottom

8. 0.125” diameter pins must be used for the alignment between substrates at a 2.5” center to center distance

9. The drill file should be limited to 3.75” x 3.75” and must be in .dxf form

Included in the manufacturing of a PCB is the PCB fabrication. PCB fabrication involves the PCB material, etching tanks, and many more. Basically, PCB fabrication is done by CAD. The Gerber or Excellon filed in the fabrication data are usually read by the Computer Aided Manufacturing software or CAM software.

Some of its principal functions are:

1. Gerber data input

2. Data verification; optional DFM

3. Reparation for the digression that exist in the manufacturing processes (e.g. scaling to compensate the alterations during lamination process)

4. Panelization

5. Output of the digital devices such as drill files, copper patterns, electrical test files, legend image, solder resist image, automated optical inspection data, etc.)

All in all, making PCBs isn’t as simple as many believe it to be; still, with the right steps and components, accomplishing such a task is far from impossible.

MK-2866: A Refreshing Alternative to Anabolic Steroids

Buy MK-2866 – Do not wait for health problems to destroy your body

This revolutionary selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) functions similarly to anabolic steroids (AS), but without the adverse side effects. For one, the use of anabolic steroids – particularly oral – results in serious damage in the liver. Benign and malignant tumors are usually found in this organ after repeated use, especially when the steroids contain a 17-alpha-alkyl group. Many of the cases are benign, and once the administration of anabolic steroids is stopped, the tumors disappear. Nevertheless, itch, jaundice and cystic rupture are still feared.

In addition, the anabolic steroids increase the plasma activity of liver enzymes such as aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and alkaline phosphatise (AP), and in turn this increase in activity harms the hepatocellular membrane of the liver, leading to reduced liver mass or cholestasis, which prevents the flow of the bile from the liver to the duodenum.

Buy MK-2866 – Consider a Good Alternative

chemicalAnabolic steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone, and the fact that these affect the male reproductive system should not come as a surprise. Prolonged use of these steroids in high dosage can cause hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, a condition that diminishes the functional activity of the testes; there is then the possibility of atrophy in the male reproductive organ, as well as the decrease in the production of sperm cells. But once the use of anabolic steroids is stopped, the normal functions come back after a few months.

Erectile dysfunction can also be an outcome of the continued patronage of the anabolic steroids. Although sexual desire increases with AS use, erectile dysfunction also increases, taking into consideration that it is not androgen-dependent. Even an increase in testosterone cannot prevent impotence – as long as there are hormonal insufficiencies, this dysfunction emerges.

Another effect in the male system is the formation of breasts, or gynecomastia. These anabolic steroids, when converted, increase the level of estrogens (the female hormones), which then stimulate breast growth. For males, the worse part of this condition is that it is irreversible unlike the other effects.

It is not only males that should be concerned with anabolic steroids; females who use these steroids also suffer from abnormalities in the reproductive system. These steroids affect the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, and as a consequence the formation of follicles and ovulation are severed, not to mention the irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Also, hypertrophy or the increase in the volume of the clitoris emerges, and in pregnant women there is the danger of pseudohermaphroditism or retardation of the female fetus, and even fetal death.

Less serious effects constitute acne, hair loss, lowering of the voice, facial hair growth, and decreased breast size.

Buy MK-2866 – Ideal for the Body’s Most Important Muscle

As regards the cardiovascular system, cardiovascular diseases have also been connected to anabolic steroids use. The effect on blood pressure and on plasma lipoproteins is still being analyzed, but obvious structural changes in the heart is already supported with proof – those who use anabolic steroids tend to have mild hypertrophy or slight enlargement of the left ventricle. There are also detrimental psychological effects in using anabolic steroids such as aggressiveness (associated with masculinity), euphoria, sleeping problems, paranoia and hallucinations.

Buy MK-2866 – Dodge the Ill Effects of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids have been around for decades, but medical experts have cautioned people against using these without prescription due to adverse side effects. And recently, the existence of MK-2866 helped eradicate hormonal problems without the need to bear the corollary health hazards. MK-2866 can do whatever the anabolic steroids are able to do, but since MK-2866 is selective, it does not pose threats to the other parts of your body. It will just treat your ailment. MK-2866 is the perfect substitute.