’s Introduction to Challenge Coins

Throughout a person’s journey in the military, there will be awards and keepsakes given to them to remind them that they served the country and made it a better place to live in. One of the most important tokens of recognition given to them is the challenge coin.

Challenge coins are used to award men and women for their valorous services and achievements. These are also used to distinguish a squadron from another squadron, and represent the unity that the members have. The coins are used as symbols of pride, evidences for bragging rights, and forms of identification for anyone who has served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. Each coin has a different value since it is given on a specific occasion. You may check out some of our examples at

Challenge CoinsDuring the Roman Empire, coins were awarded to soldiers with achievements. However, these small tokens only became popular during the World War I when an American pilot was spared from execution by proving that he was not a spy. The accused pilot showed to the French a bronze medallion with his flying squadron’s emblem. Instead of killing him, the French gifted him with a bottle of wine.

Nowadays, challenge coins don’t just serve as forms of identification for men and women in service. Stories say these also bring them together in the form of a fun “game”. They always carry their coins with them in case of a “coin check” – anyone who forgets to bring his will pay for all the drinks. Even if civilians know about these, there are still secrets inside the armed forces that we may not know about as they may have their own other uses for the coins.

Beyond the military, police and fire departments, civic organizations and even businesses across the States are getting themselves these coins too. American presidents starting with Bill Clinton had their own coins too, even the Secret Service agents, White House Staff and presidential valets. In, we have a wide variety of designs to use as reference in making your own.

Challenge coins are displayed as collection in homes using coin boxes, glass domes, shadow boxes, racks and other creative ways. These are sometimes given to close family members or friends as gifts. Numismatics collect these kind of coins as well. Each coin has a story and a sentimental value behind, so these should be taken care of well.

This precious piece of metal typically measures 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter and 1/10 inches in thickness. It can come in different shapes, including diamonds, squares and the like. The materials used in making them are pewter, copper or nickel, and it can be plated in any finish. A simple coin includes just the motto and the insignia, but you can choose to add enamel highlights, multi-dimensional designs and more to them.

If you’re planning to have your own coin, we, at, have the best designs and deals for you. We offer free design and are always willing to make it into any shape that you want. It can be just a round design or an eagle shape. You may select from a variety of gold, silver, brass, copper and metal finishes as well as the cut edges to add elegance and appeal. We have plenty of design options including engraved texts, 3D designs, offset prints and translucent enamels.

Our company will take care of the packaging. We have PVC pouches, velvet bags, capsules and more. We can also turn them into bottle openers and key chains.

If our output is not the coin that you had in mind, we are more than willing to accept revisions for free. Your custom order will be carefully crafted and sent right away for your satisfaction.

We respond quickly and will give you a quote within a day after your inquiry. values your time. We strive to provide the best customer service always. makes top quality coins that your unit or colleagues will proudly carry anytime and anywhere.

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